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Founded: 1980.
Location: Zaria Road, Jos - Plateau State.
Qualifications Obtainable: Cert. of Theology, Dip. of Theology, Bachelor of Ministries, B.A, PGD of Theology, M.A, M.Div, D.Min and Ph.D.
Accreditation: Has correspondence status with the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA).

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Introducing JETS' new website

As you must have seen, JETS now has a new website; The intention is to make it the online destination for anyone seeking information about JETS.

Essentially, the website will be of service to the general public and to the JETS community as well. Faculty, Staff and Students will find it useful and beneficial.

The 'News Room' section will function as a means to communicate to students even when the school is on break. Students will be able to make comments and give feedback as well. It will provide users access to articles and writings via the 'Journals and Publication' page.


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Major Upcoming Events

JETS Matriculation/Installation of New Provost

Date: 27th Jan. 2017
Venue: JETS Chapel

SUG Congress

Date: 31st Jan. 2017
Venue: Chapel

Entrance Examination

Date: 9th Feb. 2017 - 10th Feb. 2017
Venue: Class Area

Provost Cup

Date: 14th Feb. 2017 - 16th Feb. 2017
Venue: JETS Football Field

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Studying at JETS has been so challenging and tasking academically. However, that has helped me become a better student of the Bible.

Abur Fanen Timothy
Undergraduate Student (2013 - 2016)
Department of Pastoral Studies

JETS' impact is phenomenal! The seminary has produced the very best of me. Hence, I ain't getting enough. For almost 9 years I have been riveted: earning the seminary's B.A (2012); M.Div (2016) & M.A (in view). The quality is that good!

Kingsley O. Enaboakpe
An Anglican Cleric & Graduate Student

Even though the demand is high, JETS has really shaped me spiritually and academically. JETS is a place to be.

Buki Rose Teshinum
Undergraduate Student (2013 - 2016)
Education Department


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